A group of children from the orphanage at Gunadala, India

large photo of children at The Metropolitan Mission

Welcome to the website of Eunice for the Children. These pages have been created to give you a broad picture of who we are and what we do, and also to provide you with the opportunity of supporting our work with disadvantaged children.

For information on our two current projects, please visit the 'projects' page. To find out more about us a charity, please read on.

Our aims.
Eunice is a UK-based, Christian charity which provides financial and material support to orphanages in disadvantaged countries. Our main role is one of fundraising, and in this capacity we have successfully funded numerous projects at orphanages in both India and Hungary. By supporting these projects, we help to provide these orphans with an environment where they are loved, valued and able to fulfil their potential.

A short history.
Eunice was founded in 1986/87 in response to the large number of orphans needing care in Hungary, and when the Communist regime collapsed in 1989 we spent a number of years trying to acquire a suitable site for an orphanage. This was a concerted effort between ourselves and our sister charity in Hungary, which is called Eunike - the Hungarian word for Eunice. We felt that this name was particularly suitable as it was also the name of Timothy’s caring mother who is mentioned in 2 Timothy 1:5.

We currently support two orphanages - one in India caring for over 300 children, and another smaller home in Hungary.


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