The Eunice block
under construction.

large photo of children at The Metropolitan Mission

The Metropolitan Mission, Gunadala, India
The orphanage at Gunadala was first started in 1993 by Rev. B. Ebenezer and his wife Mary, with twenty children in a rented house. The orphanage is now managed by The Metropolitan Mission - an evangelistic Christian mission based in Vijayawada, India.

Our involvement began in 1995 when we were introduced to Rev. B. Ebenezer by a well-known evangelist, and learnt of his need for a larger children’s home. We gladly offered to assist, and consequently our first home to accommodate 250 children was completed.

The orphanage now provides accommodation for over 300 children, and is supported by Christian charities from various different countries. Most of these charities contribute toward the children’s daily needs, such as food and clothes, while the role of Eunice is to construct the additional accommodation as the children’s home expands.

Builders at the orphanage have recently completed the construction of a new dining room and kitchen to seat 220 children, and due to the large number of children now cared for by the orphanage, plans are well underway for a health and dental facility. Construction is expected to commence in early 2007, but we are still in need of financial support. If you are able to donate to this project please contact us, or click on the donation link at the top of this page.

Gates of Pearl Orphanage, Budapest, Hungary
Our involvement with the work in Hungary grew from a friendship with Christians in Debrecen, East Hungary, during the Communist era. Springing from the ties that had grown between us, we decided to work with them in helping with the massive orphan and unwanted children tragedy which existed in their country.

Together we agreed on a joint project which briefly was to acquire a suitable site and to establish a community for these unfortunate little ones to live happily with adopted "mums and dads". Unfortunately for one reason and another beyond our control this did not materialise, although over the space of 3-4 years we made several attempts to purchase suitable sites.

During this period we of Eunice had the pleasure of visiting our friends in Debrecen, and took with us a large vehicle packed with clothes, blankets, toys and sweets to distribute in one or two orphanages, it was on returning home on this visit that our real project in Hungary was born.

On our return journey from Debrecen we were scheduled to call on a small privately administered orphanage known as The Gates of Pearl Orphanage, situated about ten miles from Budapest in the town of Szigetszentmiklos. Shortly after leaving our friends, and within a mile of the orphanage we broke down. However, four days later we were able to resume our journey, and during the period of delay it gave one of our trustees the opportunity to witness the dependance these two ladies who administer this orphanage had in the Lord meeting their daily requirements for the children.

Consequently on our return home a trustees meeting was held and decided we should make at regular intervals substantial donations to the orphanage to help meet their commitments. This was begun in 1996, and with your help will carry on in the future.

As previously mentioned, through the unforseen difficulties in procuring a suitable orphanage site we sadly had to look elsewhere, but the Lord, so good as He is, ensured we maintained a very treasured connection with Hungary by allowing us close fellowship with our two sisters at the Gates of Pearl Orphanage. It is our belief, the Lord will reveal to us in His own good time what He requires us to do in that country. It is our duty to be ready, and we in turn need your help.